Friday, July 12, 2013


Eight days on, six days off. Camping at the Sol Duc trailhead, eating well. Carrying tools up trail, cutting windfall, building features. Everything you own is damp, nothing dries. A bit of sun, and it's over. We call it spike.

Morning on the Sol Duc River while hiking to work.

Trevor, sizing up his cut.

Smallest tool for the job.


Clearing trail. Before and after.

Exiting the trail after a long, drizzly day.

Kicking back at camp. My hovel.

The wood stash.

Bear bins. Breakfast for dinner.

Building puncheon aka boardwalk.

Splitting construction material from yellow cedar.


Big nails.

JZ, master craftsman.

Finished product.

F. N.   9.14.13   C.C.C.   F.C. Wagner.