Saturday, July 26, 2014


Spending more time working and camping in the backcountry this summer. Same valley, Sol Duc, different section of the trail leading up to the High Divide and views of Mt. Olympus. Lots of rock moving and dirt hauling. Evenings around the fire sharing stories and picking on each other. Some food we share, most of it we hoard to ourselves. Watching our pile of canned beans and tomatoes turn into a pile of cans burned clean by the fire. Drying wet clothes when the weather allows. It's a different kind of fun, the kind you feel damp, gritty, and worn out during, and romanticize weeks later. In reality it's just a half decent way to get paid to be outside.
Mt. Olympus, from the High Divide. Clouds blocked the view moments later.

Choaty and Horse fitting rocks into turnpike.

"Show me your rock-work face."

Camp, afternoon light filtered through the canopy.

My plastic house and dirty laundry. Discarded packaging of a good meal.

Sol Duc River. Bathtub and faucet.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

9 July

The view looking south from Appleton Pass. Mt. Olympus, The High Divide, and Seven Lakes Basin.

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