Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yolo Banks

Summertime. The livin' is easy but finding waves ain't. In order to make it even harder, we hike six miles to a little cove that gets locked in at high tide. Little to no beta on the spot and variable surf forecast leading up to the hike, we figure we'll go for and see what we get. Yolo.

New spots become even more difficult to dial in with the pea soup.

KB, always a man of color.

This fella is hanging on, but some of his friends are disintegrating.

The rig, ghost ride the whip.

The bomb seaweed.

Rob and his stead.

All kooks to the peak!

Camp, felt like the lost boys up on the bluff.

Noodles, dogs, and chili. Grill came with the kitchen.

Scary story time.