Saturday, November 7, 2015

a nor cal feeling

The promise of greener pastures has lured adventurous spirits to foreign lands countless times. Questions abound. What do you think it will be like? Will we be turned around by harsh traveling conditions? Stricken with disease? Killed by natives? Strike it rich? The answer is yes.

The morning routine, eat, shoot, leave.

What the f*^k? Disneyland meets high tide, enjoy the ride, kook.

Don't kick water on my barrel, asshole. When you think the bathroom opens?

Swing widers and insiders for the outsiders. Dude, you think Curren wrote that?

Over it, going to the city, drop in on some Indian buffet.

F*^king fog, what do you think it's like? Probably small and junky. Also, there's a hipster in your phone.

I'll meet you at Sloat. Okay, Taraval. No, Pacheco. Am I going to step on a needle?