Thursday, April 21, 2016

betel and newspapers

On the streets of Yangon: Locals get their fill of betel and current events. Peruse the selection, find what you need, touch your elbow when you pay and move on. Otherwise just relax.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paul's Innerprizes and Collective Art

Paul is traveling around the U.S. bringing strangers together to draw with oil pastels on bed sheets stretched taught over a wood frame. "I'm out here to make the ninety-'Os' the greatest generation on Earth." This bed sheet was set up at Loyola University in New Orleans, students dropped by between classes to doodle for a few minutes. He wants his idea of collective art to go viral. "Try to do something for your family. Next time you do something with your family get a sheet out!" Paul is a Christian missionary, he believes in the new generation, the ninety-'Os' as he calls them, the generation currently studying in undergrad. "...It's about love, it's about Jesus! I do this to spread Jesus. I'm gonna make the ninety-'Os' the greatest generation!"

Paul's Innerprizes and Collective Art Facebook Page

Monday, April 4, 2016

and there is maui

Like all great places, you really just have to go there and experience it for yourself. Everyone sees a different Maui. Ultimately it will take place between the dry west side, wet windward side, a few hundred feet below sea level, and the 10,023 ft summit of Haleakala. Some see it small, some see it big. The fish don't care.

Ho'okipa, the swell that ran the Peahi challenge.

Westside, heading east.

They went for a swim and speared some fish.

Honolua Bay


Red sand and a rock rim, a hidden gem.

The hardy come for the sunrise, everyone else comes for the sunset.

The sunsets never end, but when the do it's really dark.